Sunday, 6 February 2011

Extreme sports for Grandma's.

Perfect example of how weird this Unit is going to be. I cant wait.

Gambling for raccoons.

For our next project we are making a Zine in groups, we got given the title of 'Hobbies for anyone'... which basically means I can make the most ridiculous groups do the most ridiculous things. Random Illustrations are always the best ones.

AUCB dinner ladies.

Had another sweet workshop at Uni to create 3D models, I based mine loosely on the corsa 'CMON' dolls, about the little and large comic dinner ladies.

Family portrait.

Student family...
 + 2 honorary house mates 
- 1 missing josh

My portraits seem to be lacking colour, so i experimented with water colours. I like the simple jelly fish... maybe i'll make a massive 3D version of it, like a lamp shade???

Collage workshop.


Portraits on the theme of waste.

 Got totally carried away with the fine-liners cracking out loads of portraits, after been discouraged away from them for time. This term I changed from Graphic Design to Illustration... I have no fucking idea why I was on that course to start with.