Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Practice animation

Here was my initial run through for my narrative project; its just a quick film showing the basic camera angles and flow of the animation. I'm so glad I practice run of the filming, because i learnt alot from it. I know exactly how many photos i need to take for each shot; this animation runs through far too quickly and not nearly smooth enough. I need more movement in Actaeon's body; have him running away and more facial expressions when he gets transformed.

I also need to think about music; I am definitely going to edit my own together with noises of hunters approaching to make it more obvious that it is them that killed Actaeon (not Artemis). I am glad I adapted the plot to a more modern day setting; having Actaeon get shot instead of torn apart by dogs. The face painted 'hounds' I originally planned within the story line, would have make it look over complicated and a bit humorous. This is a tragedy and I want the animation to reflect that.

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